11 December 2018

DIS is moving to new premises at the Port of Esbjerg

DIS (Dansk IngeniørService A / S) moves from the former Vestfrost headquarters on Spangsbjerg Møllevej to NorSea Group's new domicile at the Port of Esbjerg, House of Offshore Innovation

The engineering and development company DIS 'department in Esbjerg is moving to larger premises in the new office domicile, House of Offshore Innovation, at the Port of

Esbjerg. This is stated by the engineering company in a press release.

DIS (Dansk IngeniørService A / S) has been growing in recent years, and to match the customers' needs and not least to have room for the employees who follow the development, the engineering and development company's department in Esbjerg has moved from the office premises on Spangsbjerg Møllevej to the new facilities in the House of Offshore Innovation at the Port of Esbjerg.

NorSea Denmark, formerly Danbor, is behind the new House of Offshore Innovation - a comprehensive renovation of the former company domicile at Kanalen. Other tenants will also check into the close to fully rented offshore open office, including the cluster organization Offshoreenergy.dk.

It creates synergy

With the offshore industry in focus, the location at the port of Esbjerg is not randomly chosen by DIS, as the engineering company's high focus on the offshore industry makes it obvious to be close to the offshore environment.

- We look forward to being part of the new modern and innovative domicile. We have been looking for suitable premises for a long time, and now we will be living door to door with other exciting companies that, like DIS, focus on the offshore industry, and we welcome the synergy it can provide, says Sam Dehdar, department manager for DIS Esbjerg, who further states that the new office currently houses 30 DIS employees.

DIS have their headquarter in Stilling near Skanderborg. In addition, DIS has branches around Denmark, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine, and the United States and now has 18 offices worldwide and employs more than 500 engineers.

Source jv.dk