19 September 2019

Kingo opens new office at the Port of Esbjerg

Nedrivningsentreprenøren Kingo Karlsen A/S åbner den 1. oktober 2019 kontor på Esbjerg Havn for at komme tættere på virksomhedens vest- og sønderjyske samarbejdspartnere.

Department manager Niels Bøgedal will be in charge of the new office placed in the attractive NorSea House of Offshore Innovation at the port of Esbjerg.
From this location it will be Niels' task to build up a network of cooperation with Kingo's customers.

- There is a large building stock as well as scrapping tasks i West- and South Jutland that is ready for demolition, and we want to help with that in a sustainable way, says Niels Bøgedal.

It is not unfamiliar for Kingo's experienced department manager, Niels Bøgedal to seek out and expand new professional relations. In his former position as CEO at the Swedish company Llentab A/S he started a Danish subsidairy that later became Gazelle Virksomhed in 2008 and 2009. 

Kingo has previously done multiple big environmental remediation and demolition tasks in Southern Jutland among other on Esbjerg hospital stage 5 where a comprehensive environmental remediation was carried out. 

Of new tasks, Kingo is carrying out a total demolition of Hedelund Varmeværk in Esbjerg East, where the company is in the process of scrapping boilers for DIN Forsyning.

With Kingo's office expansion in Esbjerg, the demolition company works fully nationwide with departments in North Jutland, Central Jutland, Southern Jutland, Funen and Zealand, respectively.

Source Dagensbyggeri.dk